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How to Consign

As a consignor you can earn money from your home merchandise in one simple easy step by consigning with us. It's easy and simple - no more garage sales with people you don't know running in and around your property, no more classified ads and trying to arrange a schedule that works for you and the potential buyer who may or may not show up at the appointed time.

We make it easy and convenient and we're open 7 days a week to answer any questions you might have.

There are several ways to get started.

  1. If you are completely satisfied that your items meet our quality acceptance call our friendly staff to set an appointment.   Consignment appointments are made Tuesday, and Saturday from 12 - 4. If you don't have a way of getting the items in to us then please call and we will put you in touch with reasonably priced movers who can help you out.
  2. If you are unsure whether your items will be acceptable you can email us pictures of the items. Please be sure to get close up pictures as well as overall pictures. Once we've had a chance to look at them we'll call you up and discuss them in more detail. CLICK HERE TO SEND US YOUR PICTURES.
  3. If you still have some doubts please give us a call and we will make an appointment to come out and look at your items. We will also have an opportunity to discuss possible selling prices.


In Store Consignment Sales

  1.          50/50% consignment split on furniture
  2.          40/60% consignment split on non-furniture items 
  3.          90 Day consignment period
    • Although we have a very high turnover in sales, there is that time when an item cannot find a new home. Therefore, you have two options, at the end of the 90 days, you may pick up your unsold items, or you may donate them to your charity of choice. We have chosen to work closely with Lodi House, who benefit women & children. 
  4. We pay weekly, every Friday.
  5. APPOINTMENT REQUIRED FOR ALL CONSIGNMENTS. We have 2 designated days for consigning your items. Tuesday, and Saturday. 12pm-4pm During these times with your appointment we ensure adequate staff to assist you in consigning your items.  For an appointment, please call 209-368-2200

For consignors we can take your items in on consignment and get the best dollar we can for them in a no fuss no muss manner. For shoppers we will definitely deliver the best value in the market. We shop competitors and are shopped by competitors, and we always win out with better pricing and not by a little. We consistently offer significant savings.