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Estate Sale Liquidation

Hire Us to handle your Estate Needs!

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New & Again Estate Sales grew out of the success of our retail store New & Again Consignment Furniture Gallery in selling consigned items quickly and realizing top value for both our consignors and our customers.

The last few years have seen more people downsizing, relocating and in some cases leaving large estates to their family upon passing away. These large volumes of items (whole households) are not practical to bring into the store so we started doing on site estate liquidations.

These services have been well received and we are keeping busy enough that we have assigned a team of people that do nothing but estate sales. Our business has grown primarily from word of mouth because of the complete professional job we do and the stress relief our services provide to the estate executor. At the end of the sale the property is turned back to the estate executor completely empty and we settle with the executor usually within 10 days from the last day of the sale and in most cases by the end of the week.

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