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As our business has grown and our consignors spread the word about how happy they are with our service we began to field inquiries from people who had entire households to sell.

The reasons for this varied from the loss of a parent(s), to having to move a parent(s) to an assisted living facility, to a move out of town , a divorce, a foreclosure, the combining of two households due to a marriage etc. Because these homes contain so many items it is more prudent to have what is known as an Estate Sale on site.

We’ve perfected the service over the years and we:

  • Go into the property and organize the contents in a retail manner.
  • We price the items for maximum value and so that they sell (we even bring in experts in areas where we feel we might be missing some hidden value).
  • We conduct the sale over 1 -3 days (it depends on the size of the estate).
  • We record every transaction and deposit the proceeds as they accrue to the estate account.
  • At the close of the sale we move the higher quality items to the store where they will be sold over the next 90 days (this is a real benefit to working with New & Again as we have a retail site - experience tells us that most estates realize as much money from store sales as they do from the estate sale itself). We also remove any trash, broken items and no demand items to the dump and the low end to mid range items are donated on the estates behalf to a charity of their choice. After the sale the property is empty.
  • We pay within a week of the sale ending and we provide a complete sales recap, along with back up copies of the sales receipts.
  • We offer a generous split (it does vary by the size and value of the estate - generally the higher value of the estate the larger the estate split) of the proceeds.

Without exception our clients are extremely happy to recommend us. Click here to see some of our reference letters. The single biggest comment you will hear is “The staff at New & Again are so friendly and professional and they took all the stress out of a difficult situation”. We'd love to help you out too!


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